Aldi and McDonald's help lead the way on farm animal welfare

Aldi and McDonald's help lead the way on farm animal welfare

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Sainsbury's remains number one for RSPCA Assured

Aldi has beaten three of the UK’s biggest supermarkets to become the second largest retailer of RSPCA Assured products.

Whilst Sainsbury’s firmly remains the supermarket with the highest number of RSPCA Assured products - with a 53.8% share of wholesale value and 899 different product lines - Aldi is in second place with a 15.85% share of wholesale and 346 product lines*.

Further debunking the popular myth that high end supermarkets and restaurants are always synonymous with higher welfare - whilst discounters and fast food chains can mean lower standards - is McDonald’s UK which uses more RSPCA Assured products than any other UK restaurant.

RSPCA Assured annual review 

These new figures are published in RSPCA Assured’s latest annual review which gives a snapshot of key achievements in 2016.


“This news flies firmly in the face of common misconception that you need to shop and eat in ‘high-end’ supermarkets and restaurants to get higher animal welfare products.
“With their commitment to stocking and using RSPCA Assured products, Aldi and McDonald’s have clearly shown that higher welfare doesn’t always mean consumers having to pay a much higher price.”

RSPCA Assured chief executive Clive Brazier

*Figures are based on the wholesale value of RSPCA Assured products - not retailer sales - which are based on 2016 licence fee income for the use of the RSPCA Assured logo.

Date: 01 Jun 2017