M&S dairy farms become RSPCA Assured

M&S dairy farms become RSPCA Assured

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Marks and Spencer has become the first major retailer to source its fresh milk from RSPCA Assured dairy farms*.

The 37 farms that supply fresh milk to M&S have achieved RSPCA Assured certification and all M&S fresh milk packaging* now carries the RSPCA Assured logo.

Together the farms produce 150 million pints of milk a year.

Clive Brazier, RSPCA Assured chief executive, said: “Thanks to M&S thousands more dairy cows will now have a better life, reared to RSPCA welfare standards. Not only that but - for the first time ever - consumers will be able to buy RSPCA Assured labelled milk in a high street retailer.

“This is a major step forward for improving dairy cow welfare and we hope other retailers will follow suit.”


“We know how much animal welfare matters to our customers and they expect the highest standards. RSPCA Assured standards are the toughest in the business. I’m pleased to say every farmer has stepped up and delivered everything we and RSPCA Assured asked of them.

Steve McLean, head of agriculture and fisheries at M&S

RSPCA welfare standards are now the minimum standard for the M&S milk pool and RSPCA Assured assessors will assess the farms annually.

In addition they will be subject to unannounced visits from the RSPCA’s farm livestock officers.

Challenging assessments

John Trott, an M&S milk pool farmer, said: “The assessors know dairy farming inside out and it tested us, but I am pleased to say we met all standards.

“We can see that having RSPCA Assured certification strengthens our farm and makes a difference to the product we deliver for M&S customers.” 

* This covers more than 40 products - all Simply M&S branded milk (one, two and four pints, skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole fat), 

all fresh milkshakes and the milk used used in M&S cafés. It excludes M&S organic milk as this isn't supplied by the M&S milk pool. The organic milk supplier farms follow Soil Association standards on animal welfare and feed.

Date: 05 Sep 2017