New Eating Better Alliance partnership

New Eating Better Alliance partnership

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RSPCA Assured has joined the Eating Better Alliance.

The Eating Better Alliance helps people choose food that’s better for people, animals and the planet, as a more of sustainable approach to food and farming.

Founded in 2013, the Alliance consists of more than 60 NGOs including the LEAF and Soil Association assurance schemes. 

Compassion in World Farming, the Food Ethics Council, Friends of the Earth, RSPB and WWF are also members. 


“Our goal is to encourage people to eat less low welfare food and choose better animal products by promoting the benefits of higher welfare agriculture.
“So, supporting Eating Better is an easy choice.
We look forward to working with other alliance members and achieving great things together.”

RSPCA Assured CEO Clive Brazier

RSPCA Assured’s recent research on eating habits revealed that around a third of people in the UK are actively reducing their intake of animal-based protein.

Liam Kurzeja, head of marketing at RSPCA Assured, said: “This movement towards reducetarianism is a great opportunity for RSPCA Assured members - people are beginning to think about what they eat and are looking for higher welfare options. It’s a trend we and many others believe is here to stay.

“By joining the Eating Better Alliance we are now part of a wider group that has access to data, knowledge, skills and expertise to raise high welfare up the agenda and encourage public understanding and behavioural change.”

Find out more about our Eat Less Eat Better campaign in Liam's blog.

Date: 09 Nov 2018