Updated pullets standards now in force

Updated pullets standards now in force

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The RSPCA’s new welfare standards for pullets must now be met (unless otherwise stated by the standard).

Information about the changes was sent to relevant RSPCA Assured members in September.

The standards came into effect on Wednesday 5 December 2018.

If you have any questions about the changes, please contact us.

New and amended standards include:

    • Aviary rearing systems are permitted to help better prepare pullets to navigate multi-tier systems in lay. Any aviary rearing system must be accepted for use by the RSPCA prior to certification - please contact the RSPCA’s farm animals department to check.
    • A requirement for ramps for all multi-tier systems
    • Increased raised perch requirements to better match provision in lay
    • An amended ‘protection from other animals’ section to reflect changes to the law on rodenticide use

Date: 06 Dec 2018