Artwork approval

Artwork approval

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The RSPCA Assured certification mark is only to be used to identify products and dishes that contain animal derived ingredients from farms that have been approved by RSPCA Assured to RSPCA welfare standards.

It’s important that the mark is used consistently to protect its function, identity and value, and that of the RSPCA brand.

All uses of the RSPCA Assured certification mark are strictly subject to scheme membership, traceability and licence fee and should be emailed to us for written approval.


Brand guidelines

The RSPCA Assured brand guidelines set out how and when the mark can be used by members of the RSPCA Assured scheme and other authorised users.

Members and authorised users may also be permitted to use the mark on relevant marketing communications, but only with prior written approval from RSPCA Assured.

Please note that the name RSPCA Assured can’t be used without the mark, and the mark can’t be used on websites and other marketing communications to promote products or dishes that don’t carry the mark.

Artwork approvals

Please email artwork approval requests to us. We always try to respond to artwork approval requests as soon as possible. However, please allow us 72 hours.